Anti-drugs Resource Toolkit

The Anti-drugs Resource Toolkit is an anti-drugs supplementary teaching material for professionals. Through the activities and discussions, teenagers are able to analyze drugs myths, understand the local anti-drugs policies, drug-abuse trend and drug-related laws. As well as to develop appropriate social skills and establish positive value.
It is divided into 8 themes, including one set of game collections and one set of 5 educational videos. Anti-drugs educators, parents, teachers and social workers are welcome to download and use them.(Chinese Version Only)

Definition and categories of drugs

The most commonly abused drugs

Research and registration data

Drugs myths

Healthy lifestyle tips

Anti-drugs games

Anti-drugs law and policy in Macao

10 methods for resisting drugs and 5 ways for preventing drugs

Information on how to identify, respond and seek help

Videos about Anti-drugs teaching materials

Different reactions after taking drugs

Drug pushers

Drug temptation from friends

A story about drug trafficking (For junior students)

Life with drug dealing (For senior students)