Drug Education Programme for Secondary School -'Thinking it Through'


Form 1:Clearing up Myths about Smoking

- To learn about the harm of traditional cigarettes, e-cigarettes and second-hand smoke to the body;

- To look into tobacco manufacturers’ sales strategies;

- To explore the pressure and influence on young people when facing with temptation;

- To develop students' refusal skills and strategies to respond when being invited to smoke.

Form 2 : Be a Cool Teenager

- To learn about the definition, classification and characteristics of drugs;

- To investigate alcohol myths and the impact of alcohol abuse on health and social life;

- To develop the ability to handle and analyze crises to ensure personal safety;

- To strengthen refusal skills and ability to deal with different drinking situations.

Form 3:No Fun without Drugs?

- To explore the effects of cannabis on the body;

- To look into the myths about cannabis among teenagers and the impact of peer pressure;

- To learn about anti-drug laws and relevant.

Form 4 : Drug-free Fun

- To enhance students’ understanding of cocaine and other commonly abused drugs;

- To improve students' crisis awareness, thereby cultivating their ability to take responsibility;

- To think about the positive role of true friends;

- To explore relevant laws in Macao and neighboring regions.

Form 5:Stand Firm

- To learn about global drug abuse trends; concepts and resources for preventing and treating drug abuse;

- To understand the causes and consequences of drug abuse through stories of real cases;

- To explore effective ways to deal with stress and emotions.

Application and inquiry:

Currently the Programme for Secondary School is available in Chinese only. To book or enquire about the programme, please contact Ms Lam on 83997512 or Ms Kuok on 83997543.


Free of Charge

Time for Approval:

The progress and results will be notified by SMS through the courses and activities application system within 2 working days.