Healthy Life Education Programme

Healthy Life Education Programme

Healthy Life Education Programme is an internationally recognized healthy education and drug abuse prevention programme, with the aim to raise awareness of primary school students on the benefits of healthy life style and dangers of drug abuse, in order to achieve the goals of drug abuse prevention. It started to operate in September 2000 and is implemented by Drug Abuse Prevention Division of Social Welfare Bureau. In 2016, we moved to the Healthy Life Education Centre and added localized multimedia teaching equipment.

Target Group

Children aged 5-12


The programme includes Cantonese and English classes for kindergarten 3 (pre-school) and primary school students as well as Special Needs Programme.

Programme Content

The programme focuses on four main areas: body knowledge, food nutrition, drug education and social skills. The programme was designed, according to the need of children’s growth, to nurture gradually the students’ concept of healthy life and the correct attitude of taking drugs. When facing drug temptation, they are full of confidence to say “NO” to drugs.


Classroom Design

It includes illuminated models, body systems, a talking brain, the giraffe “Harold” (programme mascot) that can sing, audiovisual equipment, etc. It is also equipped with Augmented Reality (AR) and Kinect teaching technology systems to bring a new experience for students.

Programme Activities

Under educator’s guidance, students can learn happily through games, discussions, role play, etc.

Follow-up Activities

We provide the Student’s Worksheets for the students and the teacher can download the Teacher’s Manual from our website.

Harold Fans Club

It is an online platform. Students can participate in related activities and to be more aware of information concerning healthy life style and drug abuse prevention.


The Healthy Life Education Centre
Rua Nova de Areia Preta, n.° 577 Edf. “The Bayview”, r/c, Macau

Welcome the participation of kindergarten 3 and primary schools!

Telephone: 2822 5778

Fax: 2822 5780



Macao Anti-drugs Website:

The Healthy Life Education Programme
Level Theme Main Content Duration
Kindergarten Harold’s Picnic Functions of different body parts (brain, heart and lungs).  Necessity of a varied diet. Safe use of medicines and self-protection. 1 Hour
Year 1 Air to Live Five elements for healthy living especially fresh air. Functions of lungs. Communication among friends.
Year 2 Food for Life Digestive system. Balanced diet and choice of snacks. Media influence. Proper use of medicines.
Year 3 Great to be Me Circulatory system. Pharmacists’ role; path of medicines into the body and safe use of medicines. The importance of accepting and helping friends. 1 hour and 20 mins
Year 4 Body Network Nervous system. Effects of medical / non-medical drugs and alternatives. Sources of stress and ways of handling them. Comforting a friend. Decision-making skills.Effects of alcohol.
Year 5 Clear the Smoke Physical, social and financial effects of smoking. Analysis the sources of information. Critical thinking. Peer pressure and training of refusal and assertiveness skills.
Year 6 My Choice Effects of psychotropic drugs. Reasons for and effects of bullying, the role of bystanders. Actions that victims of bullying can take. Challenges of peer problems.
Special Needs Programme
Topic Main Content Duration
The Cleanliness The concept of body cleaning,
Protection of dental health.
1 Hour
Choices of Food Introduction of the digestive system, classification of food and selection of healthy food; How to use medicines safely.
Air and Health Know about the respiratory system, the source of air pollution,
Definition and impact of passive smoking.
The Truth About Smoking To understand the effect of smoking on the body and develop skills for handling peer pressure
Emotions To recognize different emotions and learning to deep wile them
To understand the effects of alcohol on the body
Application Procedures and Documents Required

Schools that are interested in participating in the programme can contact educators of healthy life education via telephone, fax or letter to make appointment and arrangement of the class date.


Free of charge

Approval Time Required

Application via telephone or fax: reply within 1 working day starting from the following day upon receipt of application

Application by means of letter: reply within 6 working days starting from the following day upon receipt of application