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Happy water

A colorless and odorless synthetic drug popular in recent years: happy water


Happy water is a synthetic drug which has risen in popularity in recent years. It is usually colorless and odorless, which appears in a transparent and liquid state. It is often mixed with components such as methamphetamine, amphetamine and ketamine. It is very popular among abusers in night clubs, because it is easy to hide and disguise. Happy water can cause euphoria and hallucination after use. It looks like ordinary beverage in appearance, and is often stored in bottles of oral liquid and mineral water as disguise. Therefore, it is popular among young people in night clubs; but young people often ignore the following issues before abuse:

  1. In the early stage, a small amount of abuse can cause euphoria and extension of pleasure (such as playing games, sexual intercourse). It can make people staying up long-term without sleep and suppress their appetite. However, when the amount of abuse increases, apart from addiction, it can cause headaches, confusion, high fever, increased blood pressure, night sweats, pupil dilation, loss of appetite and other symptoms; long-term or high-dose abuse can cause insomnia, mental confusion, auditory hallucinations, hallucinations, paranoia, victimized delusions, mental disorders, delusional schizophrenia, pleasure deficiencies.
  2. It can cause abnormal feelings, including tinnitus, hearing sounds of ringing or whistling, feeling the soul leaving the body and strong visual experience. It can make people not responding to stimuli and pain and their body is prone to loss of balance. It can cause temporary amnesia (fragmentation), cognitive impairment. Abuser’s urine often contains high concentrations of ketamine. Long-term abuse can lead to interstitial cystitis, frequent urination, urgent urination, dysuria, hematuria and incontinence. In severe cases, it may even require bladder resection.
  3. It contains a variety of drugs without specific ingredients. Most abusers often become addicted without knowing, causing serious sequelae.
  4. The way of abuse is simple. It can be disguised as normal food or a drink. Young people may be exposed to this kind of drugs at social activities, especially women. These drugs are easily added to their drinks. Therefore, one should be vigilant with their drinks. In particular, when one return after leaving their seat, do not drink the previous drink and take substances of unknown origin.

There are different packaging methods: it has been found that the drug is stored in colorless lotion bottles and medicine bottles, etc., which makes detection difficult.

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