Comissão de Luta contra a Droga- Grupo de Trabalho para Acompanhamento da Problemática da Droga dos Jovens

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The Narcotics Control Committee established the “Youth Drug Problem Concern Working Group”, according to the stipulation of No.9 of the Chief Executive's Written Instruction No. 179/2008.

1 . Purpose of Establishment

To strengthen the management and resolution of youth drug problem in Macau, enhance exchange and cooperation between relevant government department and private organizations to jointly promote the anti-drug preventive education targeting on young people as well as to improve drug treatment and rehabilitation services.

2 . Major Work

  1. To evaluate and study the effectiveness of Macau's existing laws, regulations, measures and service related to the prevention and treatment of youth drug abuse;
  2. To promote coordination and cooperation mechanisms between government sectors, non-governmental organizations and communities regarding youth anti-drug work;
  3. To offer suggestions on youth drug problem, advice and assist the Narcotics Control Committee to develop youth anti-drug strategies and measures.

3 . Working Group Members Composition

  1. Formed by at least 5 Narcotics Control Committee members, the working group may recommend the committee to invite other specialist to join the working group whenever necessary.;
  2. Convener of the group can be volunteered or elected by team members.

4 . Working Group Operation :

  1. The Narcotics Control Committee establishes the duration of the Working Group;
  2. In principle, the Working Group convenes meetings two or more times a year. However, in accordance with the situation, the Working Group may conduct an internal discussion, and it will be up to the convener to make the corresponding adjustment;
  3. The Working Group convener can, on his own initiative or with at least one-third of the members, request the convening of a meeting. However, the meeting must be convened at least three business days in advance with a specific agenda;
  4. Minutes of each meeting will be prepared and presented to the Narcotics Control Committee;
  5. The technical, administrative and financial support, necessary for the normal operation of the Working Group, is provided by the SWB.