The Narcotics Control Committee - Membership List

Membership List

The Narcotics Control Committee – Membership List
Chairman Secretary for Social Affairs and Culture Tam Chon Weng, Secretary
Vice Chairman Social Welfare Bureau Vong Yim Mui, Director
Members(Public Services) Legal Affairs Bureau Liu Dexue, Director
Judiciary Police Sit Chong Meng,Director
Correctional Services Bureau Cheng Fong Meng, Director
Health Bureau Lei Chin Ion, Director
Education and Youth Affairs Bureau Lou Pak Sang, Director
Pursuant to the Order of the Secretary for Social Affairs and Culture No. 101/2016, the list below shall enter into force as from 18 September 2016 for a period of two years.
Members(Public Services) Office of the Secretary for Social Affairs and Culture Ho Lai Chun da Luz, Assessor
Office of the Secretary for Security Adriano Marques Ho, Assessor
Public Prosecutions Office Ng Meng Tai, Department Head
Unitary Police Service João Augusto da Rosa, Assistant Director
Macao Customs Service Cheng Kin Chong, Department Head
Commission Position Private organizations / Individuals Positive Selection (Alternate)
Committee Members (heads of private institutions in the areas of prevention and treatment of drug addiction, social services, health and education) Association of Rehabilitation of Drug Abusers of Macau Valente Nogueira, Augusto Paulo(Leong Kuok Wai)
Young Men’s Christian Association of Macau Sam Wai I (Lok I Pan)
H.K.S.K.H. Macau Social Services Coordination Office Chang Mei Fan (Un Lai Mui)
The Chinese Educators Association of Macau Sam Io Cheong (Ieong Pui Ian)
The Macao Association of Medicals Volunteers Wong Kim Hong (Li Siu Ping)
Desafio Jovem Teen Challenge Hui Hong Chek (Chan Chi Neng)
The Women’s General Association of Macau Chu Oi Lei (Chan Oi Ian)
Christian New Fellowship in Macau Lao Chin Soi (O Lai San)

Committee Members (individuals of recognized merit in the areas of social services and healthcare)

Leong Iok Wa
Spencer De Li
Koi Wai Kong
Leong, Si Pui Cecilia
Lo Choi In